Preparing for Your Glo Up Tanning Experience

Prepare for your Glo Up experience with our expert pre-tanning and aftercare guidance.

Pre-tanning & Aftercare


PREP: One day prior to your tanning appointment shave all areas of your body that you normally shave with a fresh razor and quality shaving cream. Use non-moisturizing soap or body wash when washing your body. 

If you wax, please do so two days prior to your airbrush tan, unless you are sugaring/sugar waxing you can spray tan directly after your appointment! 

WHAT NOT TO DO: Apply any lotions, deodorants, perfumes or make-up after showering. If you must wear make-up to your appointment, it can be washed off right before your session. Use of DOVE products is not recommended, bars of soap, and any deodorant that has aluminum in it.

DAY OF: Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing to your appointment. Avoid jeans, bras, socks, sneakers, watches. Anything tight against the skin will be too abrasive and could rub off your organic spray tan before it has a chance to set in.

*Your airbrush spray tan will set in 12 hours after your session 


Do not shower within 4 hours before you see us. 

WHAT TO AVOID: Avoid getting wet while your tan develops. Avoid application of moisturizer, deodorant or foundation. Avoid physical exercise, heat or other situations where you might sweat. 

Let your tan sit on your skin for the next 7-8 hours (overnight if possible) before showering or taking a bath. This will allow your tan to develop. If express solution is applied, you can shower in half the time depending on how light or dark your application.

AFTER YOUR FIRST SHOWER: MOISTURIZE!!! But avoid products that contain mineral oil. Say 'no' to parabens! Proceed to apply moisturizer, deodorant or foundation and get your exercise and perspiration on. Sunscreen should still be applied if you will be in the sun. Although your skin looks tan, it can still burn.

Keep in mind that swimming pools and hot tubs will shorten the life of your airbrush spray tan. Chlorine and hot water strip the product from your skin.

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