The phrases “Clean Beauty” and “Natural Beauty” are thrown around quite a bit when marketing skincare these days. But what does it mean?

This very controversial topic essentially means that the product relies on only natural ingredients. Many beauty and skincare products can contain toxic ingredients that are made to increase shelf life, contain artificial colorants to create those bright and bold colors, artificial fragrances, or contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic. These toxic ingredients have been known to cause headaches, migraines, and skin irritation but in extreme cases, they can cause even more damage to our bodies like the disruption of reproductive hormones and cancer.

Glo Up is mindful of our customer's health and wellness and for that reason only carries clean beauty products that are both safe to use and effective. There are no traces of microbeads or toxic chemicals in our products to contribute to the pollution and cause chemically-induced issues. Our medical-grade skincare is paraben-free, contains natural ingredients, and are great entry products to introduce you to clean beauty at its finest!

Here are a few fan favorites:

The Only Cream You’ll Ever Need

Rose Cleanser

Triple Action Clarifying Pads


They are always sold out so if they are in stock, snag them quickly because it won’t be long before they go! Check out our line of clean, natural, and effective skincare products HERE.