Whether you want a little color to complement your new summer outfit or show off your glow on a special night out self-tanning is a quick and easy way to get you looking and feeling your best.

Self-tanners aren’t created equal. Low-quality products and improper use can leave you with unnatural, embarrassing color that you’ll be scrubbing off in the shower. For that perfect glow, you need the best self-tanner on the market.

Over time, we’ve learned what it takes to get the perfect tan—and how to avoid the fails in typical tanning products. Say goodbye to orange, streaky, smelly tans, and hello to deep, long-lasting, natural color.


If you’ve self-tanned in the past, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded orange look. It can be enough to swear off self-tanning entirely. But not so fast—you just need a professional product.

Say goodbye to orange with these tips:

  • Prep your skin. Dry skin will absorb more DHA than needed (DHA is the active ingredient in sunless tanning products). Dry, imbalanced skin will take on a more orange hue. What’s the payoff? You enjoy an even, streak-free tan that actively combats orange undertones.
  • Don’t over-apply. Too much DHA can tan build up and uneven fading causing the new tan to look uneven. Be sure to exfoliate and prepare the skin for the perfect tan.

Whether you use the spray or the lotion, we recommend using our self tanning applicator mitt, so you get smooth, even color. If you apply by hand, wash your hands immediately after use.

he bottom line? The best self-tanners blend the science of sunless tanning with quality skincare.

The method of application depends on your preference:

Spray is ideal for people who want a quick, easy and even full-body tan. However, we recommend applying in the bathroom or shower, where surfaces can be easily wiped down after any over-spray.

Lotion works well for tanners who want freedom over when and where they tan. Apply anytime and anywhere, with no overspray and no odor. Choose a gradual tan lotion without bronzer for even more control over the depth of your tan.

Either way, consider using an applicator mitt for the most even, streak-free application.